7 Best Fragrance Oils for Candles of 2024

  • By: Carole Brooks
  • Date: 09.03.2024
  • Time to read: 13 min.

The art of candle-making has evolved beyond mere illumination, transcending into a sensory experience that captivates the senses and elevates the ambiance of any space. In 2024, the pursuit of the perfect candle fragrance has reached new heights, with artisans and enthusiasts alike seeking out the finest fragrance oils to infuse their creations with intoxicating scents that evoke emotions and memories.

As the demand for unique and complex fragrances continues to soar, the market has responded with an array of exceptional fragrance oils tailored specifically for candle-making. These carefully crafted blends not only tantalize the olfactory senses but also boast impressive throw and longevity, ensuring that every flickering flame becomes a true olfactory adventure.

In this comprehensive review, we’ve curated the 7 best fragrance oils for candles in 2024, each hand-picked for its exceptional quality, depth of aroma, and ability to elevate the overall candle-making experience. From earthy and grounding scents to invigorating citrus notes and indulgent gourmand blends, these fragrance oils promise to ignite your creativity and transport you to enchanting realms with every flicker.

Fragrance Oils on the Market

Without further ado, let’s get down to the main products.

1. Summer Breeze

Best Choice
P&J - Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oil
P&J - Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oil
Peach, Strawberry, Plumeria, Coconut, Ocean Breeze, Pina Colada
- Liquid Volume: 10 Milliliters
- Number of Items: 6
- Scent: Summer
- Color: Clear
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If you’re looking for the ultimate fragrance oils to make your scented candles, you might want to try out the Fresh Summer fragrance oils. These fragrance oils have a star rating of 4.5 out of 5, and here’s why. The pack includes six 10ml bottles for you to use on several occasions.

All the bottles are made from amber glass, and each has a tamper-evident ring, plus a euro-style dropper. The dropper comes in handy when you want to mix the fragrance oil with the wax, especially since it inserts a small amount of oil to be dispensed.

Additionally, these oils are versatile – meaning you can use them for a wide range of purposes apart from making candles. They are used to make unscented lotions and shampoos, and oil diffusers. You can also use them to make soaps, aroma diffusers, and potpourri, among others.

You can also choose from various fragrances, including fresh cotton, baby powder, sweet pea, ocean breeze, vanilla, and mountain rain. Moreover, the manufacturer ensures to make high-quality products to ensure that you enjoy making and lighting the candles in your house.

However, you must exercise caution when using these products. They are only meant for external use, and you should never use them undiluted.


  • They are versatile.
  • Made of high-quality.
  • Include a dropper for seamless dispensing.


  • The bottles are fragile.
  • The scent is relatively weak.

2. Fragrance Oils for Men

Best Value
Gentlemen's Set of 6 from the brand P&J
Gentlemen's Set of 6 from the brand P&J
Leather, Sweet Tobacco, Teakwood, Bay Rum, Cedar, Sandalwood
- Liquid Volume: 10 Milliliters
- Number of Items: 6
- Scent: Bay
- Flash Points over 200
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Next up is Gentlemen’s Set of 6 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils. You could try it out to enjoy some of the most soothing scents you’d get from candles. These fragrance oils also have a 4.5 out of 5-star rating; every pack contains six 10ml bottles.

The fragrance oils herein are packaged in amber bottles, and you can choose from various scents. This pack contains sweet tobacco, leather, bay rum, teakwood, sandalwood, and cedar scents. You might care to know that these essential oils mostly work best with soy wax.

Moreover, you can use them for a variety of purposes. You can make scented candles, soap bases, perfumes, incense sticks and cones, aroma diffusers, body care and hair care formulations, and for baths. You could also use them to make at-home cleaning products and existing unscented products.

Every fragrance is certified by the IFRA, and the manufacturer P&J ensures to make high-quality and highly-concentrated formulations. The products are also economically-priced and have flash points of over 200. When you purchase these fragrance oils, they get delivered to you in a beautiful gift box, which might tell you what to expect.


  • Highly concentrated, enhanced formulations.
  • Well-priced.
  • They include several fragrances.


  • They are heavily diluted.
  • The scents are a little off.

3. Mystic Moments

Most Powerful Scents
Starter Pack - Home Sweet Home
Starter Pack - Home Sweet Home
Baby Powder, Hot Apple Pie, Coffee, Fresh Linen & Jasmine
- Liquid Volume: 10 Milliliters
- Number of Items: 5
- Special Feature: Long Burning
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The third item in this review is the Fragrant Oil Starter Pack. You will have to dig deeper into your pockets than the first two products to get it, but it might be worthwhile. This product also has an overall star rating of 4.5 out of 5; every pack contains five 10ml bottles.

The scents that you’ll get inside this pack include hot apple pie, baby powder, jasmine, and fresh coffee linen. And the best part? All these fragrances are long-lasting, extremely rich, and complex. Apart from making your candles, you can also use these fragrance oils to make soaps and other skin and hair care products.

Due to the rich scents of this pack, you’ll only need to pour a few drops into the wax to get the desired results. You don’t want to have an extremely strong smell. Moreover, these scents work perfectly when you use them on an oil burner.

The rich scent is capable of filling your mood with smells that uplift your mood. Mystic Moments products also come packaged in high-quality cardboard with clear and crisp printing.


  • It contains 5 bottles, which have extremely rich and complex scents.
  • The smell is long-lasting.
  • It has impressive packaging.


  • The bottles could break easily.
  • Some of the scents are extremely strong.

4. Exotic and Tropical Fruits

Variety of Scents
LagunaMoon Fruit Aroma Oil Set
LagunaMoon Fruit Aroma Oil Set
It features grapefruit, orange, coconut, vanilla, warm coconut, pineapple, mango, peach, apple, grape, strawberry.
- Unit Count: 3.38 Fl Oz
- Number of Items: 10
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Would you like to make scented candles from the comfort of your home? Well, you might consider getting yourself this fragrance oil gift set. This might also be the perfect gift to get someone who loves making candles.

One of the best things about this set is that it includes 10 bottles in each pack. It contains the following scents – zingy grapefruit, uplifting orange, warm coconut and vanilla, soothing coconut, tropical pineapple, aromatic mango, vibrant peach, fresh apple, sweet grape, and delicious strawberry scents.

Better yet, this set uses extracts from organic plants that are obtained from across the globe. Moreover, they can be used for aromatherapy. The scents herein last longer than most fragrances out there, and they all smell amazing.

You might also like how stable these fragrance oils are. They are designed to be stable for more than 24 months. So they’ll not lose potency because of light, heat, and oxygen exposure.

This quality is enhanced by the fact that they’re packaged in amber-tinted bottles. You can also use them for a wide range of uses, including making soaps and perfumes. Lagunamoon products has an overall star rating of 4.4 out of 5.


  • Includes 16 bottles in the pack.
  • All bottles are amber-tinted, enhancing the oils’ stability.
  • They’re made from organic plants.


  • You have to use a lot to make a candle.
  • The scents are relatively mild.

5. Freshly Baked

For a Range of Uses
Eternal Essence Oils
Eternal Essence Oils
Blueberry Pancakes, Caramel Nut Muffin, Butterscotch Cookie Dough, Cinnabon, Chocolate Fondue, Creamy Nutmeg
- Liquid Volume: 10 Milliliters
- Number of Items: 6
- With a dropper
- Color: Clear
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You might want to check out this product if you’re looking for 6-pack fragrance oils for candles. It is affordable and contains 6 bottles, which feature different scents. The product has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

You might like that the bottles contain amber glass with a black polypropylene ribbed cap to enhance protection. Moreover, the bottles come with a tamper-evident ring that has a dropper insert. You can use the dropper to measure the exact amount of oil required to make specific candles.

The manufacturer of Eternal Essence Oils doesn’t just formulate this pack of fragrance oils to make candles. You can also use it to make air freshener sprays, soaps, cleaning products, and hair and skincare products. Moreover, you can use them to freshen your drawers and carpets and make sugar scrubs.

The scents included in this pack include blueberry pancakes, butterscotch cookie dough, caramel nut muffin, cinnamon, creamy nutmeg, and chocolate fondue. Before using these oils, you must ensure to dilute them and only use them for external purposes.


  • It includes an attractive package.
  • Suitable for a wide range of uses.
  • The oils smell great.


  • They spill easily.
  • Most smell like their base scent.

6. Fruit Slices Fragrance Oil For Candles

Best for Price
Fruity Fruits – Good Essential
Fruity Fruits – Good Essential
Strawberry, Apple, Watermelon, Pineapple, Cucumber Melon, Red Cherry, Mango, Peppermint, Lemon, and Orange
- Liquid Volume: 5 Milliliters
- Number of Items: 10
- Scent: Fruits Set
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If you’re looking for affordable fragrance oil sets, you might get impressed by this Fruity Fruits Set. The set contains ten 5ml bottles in each pack, all of which have different flavors. The set has an overall star rating of 4.2 out of 5.

The scents you’ll find in this pack include apple, strawberry, watermelon, cucumber melon, pineapple, red cherry, peppermint, orange, lemon, and mango. Considering their number, you might want to gift someone who loves making scented candles.

Alternatively, you can use these fragrance oils to make lotions, perfumes, soap bases, pine cones, art and craft projects, and body and skincare products, among others. A significant number of people also like using this set because they only need to put in a few drops in their air fresheners or diffusers to get a wonderful scent.

The Fruity Fruits Set is bottled in the U.S., and Good Essential ensures that every pack contains high-quality oils. Besides, each product is specially tested to ensure that you get what you expect. Like most fragrance oils, you can only use these for external purposes.


  • Quite affordable.
  • Every pack includes ten bottles with different scents.
  • Each product is specially tested.


  • The seal isn’t leakproof.
  • Not ideal for diffusers.

7. Organic Essential Oils with Fruity Loops

Reliable & Safe
MitFlor Premium Scented Oils
MitFlor Premium Scented Oils
Peach, Strawberry, Plumeria, Coconut, Ocean Breeze, Pina Colada
- Liquid Volume: 10 Milliliters
- Number of Items: 6
- Scent: Fruits
- Color: Clear
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Last but not least are MitFlor Premium Scented Oils. This product is fairly priced, and each pack includes six 10ml bottles. The product also has an overall star rating of 4.6 out of 5. The base scent for this product is Fruits2, but it has six fragrances. They include blueberry, peach, melon, cherry, grape, and watermelon.

What’s more, every bottle includes a dropper, enabling you to pour just the right amount to produce the desired scent. Additionally, these fragrance oils are quite reliable and safe to use. The manufacturer adheres to rigorous quality control standards, and every product must meet the stipulated IFRA guidelines.

A significant amount of people use them in their bedrooms because they can easily adjust their moods. Moreover, you can use these scents for other purposes, including mixing them with your body butter. Alternatively, you can use them to scent your soaps, lip gloss, and skin and hair products.


  • They are safe and reliable.
  • Every product undergoes rigorous testing.
  • Have a fruity aroma.


  • It May not be ideal for people with respiratory issues.
  • The scents aren’t quite natural.


How Do You Add Fragrance Oils to Candles?

Like most things, adding fragrance oils to candles follows specific procedures. You must follow the following step-by-step guide to ensure you get the desired scent.

1. Select a slow-burning wax

The first step to enjoying candle fragrance oils is selecting a slow-burning wax. This is a crucial consideration because different waxes hold their scents differently, especially since some burn faster than others.

You need to select slow-burning wax because it can retain scents longer than waxes that burn faster. Additionally, such wax releases the fragrance slowly into the air, setting the desired mood and ambiance.

2. Check on the temperature

To add fragrance oils to candles, you must first melt the wax. Most importantly, you must add fragrance oils to the liquidated wax at the right temperature to get a strong scent.

Usually, the recommended temperature for palm wax is 200-205F, while for paraffin and soy wax is from 185-185F.

3. Stir for 3 to 5 minutes

To ensure that your preferred fragrance oil blends with the candle wax, you need to stir it. Otherwise, it’ll settle at the bottom, and you won’t get the desired scent. For the best results, stir the mixture for approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

4. Trim the wick

To burn the candles efficiently, you need to trim the wick. Doing so also ensures that your candles burn safely. Failure to trim it might result in mushrooming, large flames, smoke, and soot. To trim effectively, you can follow the guidance from a wick-size chart.

5. Preheat the containers

To prevent shrinking, then you must preheat the containers. This action also prevents pulling the wax from the containers. Additionally, it prevents wet areas and delays the cooling process.

Similarly, you need to have a thermometer to track the temperature of the wax. You have to ensure you obtain the right temperature to know when to add the fragrance oils and avoid burning the wax.

6. Take precaution

Whenever you’re mixing fragrance oils with candle wax, you must exercise caution. Notably, you have to avoid adding too many fragrance oils. You must also refrain from burning the candles for over 3 to 4 hours.

You should not use a microwave to melt the wax or place it in a refrigerator to cool. It’s also advisable to use the right size wick and never replace fragrance oils with perfume.

7. Test the candle(s)

After you’ve followed the aforementioned steps, it’s now time to test the candles. You need to carry out the test burn to ensure you’ve done it correctly. Otherwise, you might waste the fragrance oils and candle wax by making them wrong and too many.

Moreover, making this test helps you establish whether you’ve attained your desired outcome and if it burns efficiently.

Recommended Types of Candle Wax

Before you decide to make your scented candles, you have to decide on the type of wax to use. Remember, you have to settle for slow-burning wax for the best results. Here are some of the natural waxes you should use to make candles fragrance oils.

1. Soy wax

Soy wax is a natural wax that’s made out of soybeans. You can also find some varieties that are blended with vegetable oil. The wax is preferable for this kind of mixing because it burns slowly and is also eco-friendly. Moreover, it doesn’t contain petroleum as part of its ingredients.

2. Palm wax

Alternatively, you can get some palm wax. This type of wax is made out of hydrogenated palm oil. Usually, it is used for votives, pillars, and tart candles. It is preferred for this use because it is naturally hard and forms crystallizing or feathering patterns on top of candles.

3. Beeswax

Beeswax is another commonly used wax in mixing fragrance oils for candles. Its use dates back ages ago, and it’s obtained from honey bees. So, it’s entirely natural. Intriguingly, this type of wax has a high melting point; therefore, it burns longer than most candles.

Additionally, it contains a subtle, natural scent. As a result, it is commonly used as an air purifier.

Advantages of Fragrance Oils for Candles

If you’re unsure about fragrance oils for candles, here are some of the benefits you’d get from them.

1. They’re versatile

You can use fragrance oils in your house for other purposes apart from making candles, including in shampoos, perfumes, and air fresheners.

2. Affordability

Fragrance oils for candles tend to be cheaper than essential oils. Therefore, buying them will hardly strain your pockets.

3. A variety of aromas

Better yet, candle fragrance oils have a wide range of scents you can choose from. And that means you’re spoilt for choice. Besides, some of them produce scents you’d not find in nature, creating a new, alluring fragrance.

4. They’re soothing

Another notable advantage of fragrance oils for candles is that they create a soothing effect. That way, you can light them up for relaxation, especially after having a long day at work.


Have you been looking for the best fragrance oils for candles? Well, this post reviews seven of the best products out there. You might want to review each product more closely to decide the one that best suits your needs.

However, when it comes to fragrance oils, you must follow specific steps to ensure you get the desired results. Moreover, they are only meant for external use. When mixed correctly, you’ll get some of the best aromas in your home, which could help boost your mood.

  1. hi Carole, how do you know how to measure the oil drops to the amount of wax you’re using?

    1. Hi there! Measuring fragrance oil drops to the amount of wax you’re using can be a bit of a trial-and-error process, but there are some general guidelines to help you get started. The ideal fragrance load depends on various factors like the type of wax, the size of the container, and your personal preference for scent strength. Here’s a basic approach:

      Check the fragrance oil manufacturer’s recommendations: Many fragrance oil suppliers provide guidelines for the recommended usage rate. This can be a good starting point, so look for this information on the product label or their website.

      Calculate by weight: For a more accurate measurement, you can use a kitchen scale. As a starting point, a common guideline is to use about 6-10% fragrance oil by weight of the wax. So, if you have 100 grams of wax, you’d add between 6 and 10 grams of fragrance oil. This range can be adjusted to your preference.

      Be cautious with strong fragrances: If you have a particularly potent fragrance oil, start with a smaller amount and gradually increase it until you reach your desired scent level. It’s easier to add more fragrance later than to remedy an overly strong scent.

      Consider the type of wax: Soy wax, paraffin wax, and other types may require different amounts of fragrance due to variations in their scent throw. So, it’s a good idea to consult resources specific to your chosen wax type.

      Keep notes: Whenever you create a candle with a specific fragrance and wax combination, make notes about the amount of fragrance oil you used, how strong the scent turned out, and any other relevant details. This will help you refine your process over time.

      Remember that personal preference plays a significant role, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect fragrance-to-wax ratio for your needs. It’s all part of the fun and creativity of making your own candles!

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