How To Make Square Candles (4 Steps)

Last Updated on 01.12.2022

How To Make Square Candles?

In any type of decoration, you can not miss different types of candles. You will find them in many shapes, colors, and scents; within the candles with shapes, square candles are decorative and with a very special meaning. Today we will talk about this type of candle and many more, with geometric shapes and different finishes.

You can combine and make fully customized candles with your decorating style. In this tutorial, in addition to talking about candles for decoration, we will bring you a little about the meaning of some of them.

Square Candles

Square candles

Geometric shapes are in fashion and appear in all kinds of decorations, both current and vintage decorations. You can see elements in boxes, lamps, armchairs, simple square candles, or any kind of geometric figure.

Today we bring you several ways to make candles with different results. They all have in common that they are geometric, and the finishes and shapes differ. We encourage you to make your own by choosing from these options or creating your own.

  • The square candles in the center of this tutorial represent the solidity and firmness of our actions and thoughts. Having one of these candles lit helps us to make calm and thoughtful decisions.
  • Pyramid candles are used in white magic. It is said that they represent a special force and are related to the Egyptian pyramids representing wisdom, love, intelligence, and wealth.
  • Round candles help in personal and spiritual growth. Fill projects with positive energy so that they come to fruition and do not encounter problems on their way.
  • The hexagonal candle symbolizes perfection and beauty. These candles are related to victory, health, and prosperity on a personal level.
  • Star-shaped candles are known as protective candles of the family unit. They lead to a good understanding and solve problems in the family.
  • Triangular candle: It is considered if you place these candles with the vertex up, they help eliminate and make problems disappear. It helps to eliminate fears, lack of self-esteem, and shyness.

Whether to believe these utterances is up to you to decide.

To make candles with a square shape.

To make these candles, we chose salmon coloring, and we got square candles with a salmon pink tone. Made in three different sizes. Here are the materials and quantities we have used,

  • Paraffin wax, approximately 1,800 grams.
  • Fluorescent salmon coloring
  • The aromatic essence of tiaré and passion fruit flower.
  • Waxed wick, 10-11 cm
  • Spray release agent
  • Guide rod 3 mm
  • Square molds for 10 cm 7×7, 15 cm 7×7, and 15 cm 7×7 candles.

You can make candles of the same diameter and different heights with the same mold simply by filling the mold more or less. As for the colorant, choose the one you like the most from the wide range of liquid candle dyes. An exotic mixture of two essences will leave a pleasant aroma, Tiare flower, together with passion fruit. Prepare your own mixture of essences!

Let’s get to work

Always use containers and utensils that you will not use for any other purpose. It would help if you had specific containers that are exclusively for candles.

Step 1. We begin by melting the paraffin at 65º; for the three candles we made, we need 1,800 grams of paraffin. Meanwhile, prepare the mixture of your chosen essences in a small glass. Here we let ourselves be guided by the sense of smell of each one, go adding one essence and another until you get the aroma you are looking for.

Step 2. We will work on a tile; this way, the candle cools faster and does not stick to the surface. Once we have the liquid wax, we transfer it to a more comfortable container. Add drops of colorant and mix; add color until you have the desired tone. Add drops of essence and mix again.

Prepare the mold, and spray release agent inside and on the tile where you will place the container.

Step 3. Pour some of the paraffin inside the mold and let it dry for a few minutes, thus sealing the base. Place the metal rod in the center of the mold stuck in the paraffin. Finish filling the mold to the height we want the candle. Let it cool completely; this step will take a few hours.

Repeat the same process to fill the rest of the molds. You can play with the amount of dye to make candles of different shades.

Step 4. cut the wicks to the size each candle needs. Remove the metal rod and thread the cut wick through the center hole. Melt some leftover paraffin, turn the candle upside down and fill the hole where the wick comes out. In this way, you can fill in the possible bulge and hold the wick in place. Let it cool for a few minutes, and the candles will be finished.

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