5 Best Wax Melting Pot of 2024

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  • Date: 09.03.2024
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In the ever-evolving world of candle-making, the wax melting pot stands as an indispensable tool, serving as the catalyst that transforms solid wax into a molten medium ripe for creativity. As we embark on 2024, the demand for high-performance wax melting pots has soared, driven by a desire for efficiency, precision, and unwavering safety.

The best wax melting pots of 2024 are more than just functional vessels; they are the artisan’s trusted companions, designed to streamline the candlemaking process while ensuring consistent and reliable results. From precise temperature control to user-friendly designs, these innovative melters cater to the discerning needs of both seasoned professionals and passionate hobbyists alike.

In this comprehensive review, we’ve meticulously evaluated the top contenders, putting each wax melting pot through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality, durability, and performance. Get ready to discover the crème de la crème of wax melters, as we unveil the top 5 that will not only elevate your candlemaking experience but also provide you with the peace of mind that comes from investing in the finest tools the industry has to offer.

Best Candle Wax Melting Pot on the Market

Although you might not think it, there are a lot of differences between melting pot brands, particularly when it comes to their handling. Below are five of the best wax melting pots found on the net, all picked for material quality, ease of handling, and the length of time it’ll keep candle wax in a melted state.

Once you’re done with the reviews, be sure to look at the Buyer’s Guide for time-saving buying tips. By the end, you’ll know which Pot is better for your method of candle making. Let’s get started!

1. Pouring Pot for Candle Making – Pot for Large Candles

Best Choice
EricX Light Wax Melting Pot
EricX Light Wax Melting Pot
Perfect item for DIY candle making
- Holds up to 4 pounds of melted wax.
- Excellent heat conductivity helps the wax to cool down quickly.
- Nonstick
- Special-plastic-designed handle features 4 times stronger heat-resistant ability.
- Wax Capacity: 64 oz
- Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.6 x 8 inches
Check Price on Amazon

The EricX Light Candle Pouring Pot resembles one of the automatic coffee pots you might have seen in hotel rooms. However, this is heated on the stove or oven.

It won’t take long for you to get your wax melted here. You don’t need to plan things out the same way you would for cooking a meal. Just throw in your wax, and heat, and that’s it. Once that’s done, grab the handle and pour as needed. You’ll find that the handle and exterior of the pot stay close to the temperature of the room you’re working in.

Holds in Heat

The inside traps heat inside well, and don’t allow the wax to stick to the surface when you’re ready to wash it out. You probably won’t even have to wash it out, and most wax will come right off by simply running a wet cloth over the areas in which it’s clinging to the aluminum.

That’s right, it’s made of aluminum and probably because it retains heat so well. Overall, the EricX is an excellent tool for melting your wax in the easiest way possible, and it is highly recommended.


  • It doesn’t get too hot to touch, even when the wax is completely melted
  • No sharpness along the outside of the Pot; no cutting hazard
  • Wax is easy to clean out, with or without water


  • It may feel heavy when held with one hand

2. Candle Making Pitcher – 2 Pounds

Also Great
EricX Light Wax Melting Pot
EricX Light Wax Melting Pot
It comes with a dripless spout of great control
- Heat-Resistant Handle Design.
- Nonstick
- Easy to wash with soap and water.
- Wax Capacity: 32 oz
- Dimensions: 5-inch-tall by 4.6 inch in diameter
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The second EricX product has the same name as the first, although the size is smaller. This could be useful for specific situations or people. For example, those with smaller hands might appreciate how this Pot is easier to carry around. Not only is it smaller, but shorter in height.

However, the handle size doesn’t change much from the larger version. It might be advisable to have both around in some situations, especially if you’re processing lots of candles under time constraints. This Pot, which has a capacity of two pounds (32 oz), handles well for smaller candles.

Great for All Candle Sizes

You might be familiar with emergency candles that are very small and cylindrical. With the Pot, you’ll be able to fill up multiple cups and have no excess spill out from the spout as you work. The handle’s grip should also stay with your hands, whether you have sweaty or wet palms.

Try to avoid hard objects rubbing against the Pot to prevent scratching. Store them away from your other dishes when you’re done making candles. You’re guaranteed to have the Pot for years to come this way.


  • The spout doesn’t drip excess when pouring is complete; very accurate
  • Handle stays firmly in the hands
  • Regardless of how hot the Pot itself is, the handle stays at a comfortable holding temperature


  • The aluminum exterior may scratch if washed with an abrasive pad

3. 32oz Double Boiler Wax Melting Pot

Best Value
BBAXI Wax Melting Pot
BBAXI Wax Melting Pot
Made of high quality 304 stainless steel
- With Heat-Resistant Handle and Dripless Pouring Spout Design.
- Safe Heat-resistant Handle.
- Nonstick
- Unique pouring spout design.
- Wax Capacity: 32oz/900ml
- Dimensions: 5.2 x 4 x 4.2 inches
Check Price on Amazon

The Candle Making Pouring Pot is a bit different than the first two. But by looking at it in person and photos online, you may be unable to tell them apart, at least by color. While many wax pots are built with aluminum, this one is made entirely of stainless steel (except for the handle, obviously). Another outstanding feature is located inside the pot itself, a minor handle scale that begins halfway in the Pot.

Handy Scale

With it, you can measure off your wax and pinpoint the exact amount you need for a particular number of candles. It won’t rub off when you wash it, don’t be afraid of passing a sponge or cleaning cloth over the area if it’s dirty. And if you accidentally turn up the heat during the melting process, don’t worry about the inside or outside changing colors.

There could be a faint scent of the candles you use after washing, depending on the fragrance of the wax you had inside. But there’s nothing controversial to report for the Candle Making Pouring Pot, and you and anyone you know that loves making candles will love it.


  • Capable of gauging an accurate amount of wax, thanks to the interior scale
  • The scale won’t erase after being washed
  • It will never discolor after heating


  • The scent lingers at the bottom of the Pot after it is washed.

4. Best Wax Melting Pot for Small Hands

Perfect Size
Gonioa Wax Pouring Pot
Gonioa Wax Pouring Pot
Seamless Construction and Durable Finish
- Unbreakable.
- Multi-function DIY Tool.
- Nonstick
- The angled handle lets you hold and pour liquid safely, without worrying about heat or high temperature damage.
- Wax Capacity: 1250 ml (about 2.7 pounds)
- Dimensions: 5 x 5.1 x 4.6 inches
Check Price on Amazon

The Gonioa Candle Making Pouring Pot continues in the line of aluminum-manufactured pots that are easy on the hands. Getting a good pot for this work is all about having a solid grasp, and this product doesn’t disappoint. The height is pretty low, but you shouldn’t have any problems getting things to stay inside.

Pouring Made Easy

So long as you keep it level and carefully pour, the spout will do an excellent job of keeping unwanted drippings from getting on your clothing, furniture, and, most importantly, your skin. Soaking in soapy water isn’t necessary here; the unwanted wax will come right out with a rag or cloth. But if you measure things off correctly, you shouldn’t have much left in the Pot to begin with.

After taking it off the Pot, the wax will stay melted for quite some time and cool down slowly. If you have large hands, you should consider one of the other products (unless you want something small). the handle is situated in a way that might leave the top portion of your fingers touching the stainless steel exterior.

If this happens over a warm pot, it might feel uncomfortable unless the temp is less than hot. But if you’re careful with handling hot things, this shouldn’t be a huge issue. Try out the Gonioa Candle Making Pot for its small scale and easy handling.


  • Its small height is easy to handle; not too heavy.
  • Will not scratch is cleaned with a mild abrasive, such as a Scotch pad
  • Wax won’t harden too quickly in the Pot


  • Easy to touch the stainless steel exterior when holding with the handle, especially for people with large hands

5. Pouring Pot With Protective Support

CozYours Candle Making Wax Melting Pot
CozYours Candle Making Wax Melting Pot
Trivet Mat will help you protect your table up to 440°F
- Bonus: Candle Making Guide and DIY Hacks!
- Heat-Resistant handle.
- Nonstick
- Special-plastic-designed handle features 4 times stronger heat-resistant ability.
- Wax Capacity: 42 oz
- Dimensions: 5 x 4.6 x 5.1 inches
- Trivet: 7
Check Price on Amazon

Last but not least, the CozYours Candle Making Pouring Pot has a few cool features that aren’t seen on the other pots that were reviewed. The most notable is the Trivet mat that it comes with. Place it underneath the Pot when it’s hot, and never worry about getting your undersurface dirty or hot again.

Safety Mat

The mat is wide enough to provide a bit of space for unwanted spills. And because it doesn’t absorb heat, you can touch it, and the material will never feel hot to the touch. The Pot itself has an aluminum body that’s tough and shaped with a curve at the interior’s bottom, making it much easier to clean up the wax when you’re finished.

Instead of having to scrape the gunk off the ridges that form a right angle, you can swipe your cleaning cloth, and everything will come up in one sweep. After a while, you should look at the handle after breaking in the Pot, which might wobble if the rivets loosen.

While this isn’t likely to happen with you, the chance is still there. If you notice the handle getting weaker, you can fix it with a mallet or other hammer-like object that won’t scratch/damage the Pot itself.

In the end, CozYours has what it takes to satisfy the needs of any candle maker. You’ll love the size and additional bonus mat, which will help you make candles in areas you’re afraid of the wax getting on furniture.


  • A thermal mat is included that allows the Pot to be sat on a surface without the risk of burning
  • Its aluminum body keeps the wax in a melted state for longer than expected
  • It comes clean without the use of soap on most occasions


  • The handle may wobble in the hands due to loosening bolts

Best Wax Melting Pot – Buyer’s Guide

Read to find great tips to help shorten up your choices of the melting pots evaluated.

Wax Melting Pot

How to Choose the Wax Melting Pot

When looking for any melting pot, consider the amount of work you will put into it. Are you making candle pots as a hobby, for safekeeping, or for monetary purposes (such as a small business)? If it’s just a hobby, then your options are vast. Assuming that your candle-making won’t take up too much of your time, you wouldn’t need the fanciest or most durable melting pot in such a situation.

For people looking to stock up on candles for general purpose use or emergencies, you might be interested in a pot that’s easy to store with the candles themselves. Remember, your melting pot may come in handy if you stay in a region prone to hurricanes.

Knowing this, look for one that’s easy for you to store, something that won’t take up too much space. Alternatively, getting a larger pot for general-purpose candles that you like around your home could suffice.

And lastly, for business purposes, you’ll want something that can hold up for a long time, is easy to measure the quantity of wax, and doesn’t take much time to clean. Looking for pots that retain heat well helps keep the wax from crystallizing too early in the Pot.

Aluminum is good, although some stainless steel pots also cool down slowly. A scale inside the pot allows for fewer mistakes during the candle-making process and could save your wax by not heating up more than what’s needed.

Above all, look for melting pots of a decent handle, regardless of what size or brand you want. A melting pot with a poor handle will be uncomfortable to hold, and candle making requires much pouring and measuring. You could get annoyed quickly by a handle that heats up or rests too close to the Pot’s body. You don’t want to burn yourself, of course. Knowing this, don’t settle for a pot with a small handle if your hands are large.

Your Working Area

Try to find out the primary areas where you’re candle-making will commence before you start. This is a no-brainer for a lot of people since the session usually takes place in a kitchen area. But even there, you’ll have to use caution with the area you’re working around, such as a table. Getting candle wax on your furniture or clothing is no laughing matter.

In some cases, it can be tough to get out. If you’re worried about spilling candle wax around your workstation, consider a brand with a thermal pad. Alternatively, you could also try to use another small pan, such as a cookie dish, to hold the melting pot.

Secondary Supplies

If this is your first time making your candles, you’ll need more than a melting pot to start. Find out what kind of candles you want to produce, what you want to store, and the amount you wish to make. All kinds of candles are available today, some with festive scents for the holidays and others that smell like springtime.

You could even produce candles that work as insect repellents. Standard candles are fair game, though you should stick to cups of some sort if you aim to make candles with a pot.

Long candles, or anything with an odd shape, would likely require candle molds to finish. In this instance, one pours a pot of melted wax into the mold, then removes it when the shape is made. Scented candles are oftentimes placed in a glass, tin, or porcelain container.

They usually have a lid that keeps the scent fresh before it’s used. Have lots of candle wax around, and try getting various scents so you won’t tire out of just one.

Melting Pot Spouts

A melting pot wouldn’t be helpful if it didn’t feature a spout. Many of them produced today are the same as melting pots made for ages. There’s no point in fixing things that aren’t broken since most spouts are built to pour and avoid dripping. Have you ever tried to pour a cup of coffee into another cup or container? The coffee will likely end up underneath the cup because most cups have no spout.

The wax stays where you want it to pour with a melting pot but features a spout that protrudes slightly from the rest of the stainless steel/aluminum body. When the Pot is tilted, some of the wax runs off into the spout, and it pours directly towards the point in which it’s aimed. If you ever see a melting pot without a spout, look elsewhere. Things can get messy fast if you attempt to make candles but have the incorrect Pot.

Washing and Maintenance

All pots and pans will need to be washed eventually; the same goes for melting pots. You might think this isn’t the case for items you’re not cooking food, but that’s not entirely true. If you don’t wash out your melting pot and reuse it for a different candle, you could find residue from the previous candles you made in the new batch. Of course, sometimes this might be wanted, but it could spell trouble for things such as an unscented white candle.

To prevent mixing, take a wet cleaning cloth or sponge, then wipe the inside with warm water; soap is added. Most good melting pots won’t discolor when you heat them, so you shouldn’t need to break out the abrasive cleaning pads. You might scratch up the aluminum or stainless steel surface if you do.

For pots with scales etched into the material, it’s best to avoid abrasives altogether. While some featured rankings may stay on the body, others might not, and it could be difficult to tell the difference in quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I Buy Alongside a Melting Pot?

As mentioned previously, you’ll want to ensure there are enough cups for you to hold your candles, candlewick, wick holders, and your favorite candles.

Can I add my Scents into the Pot with the Wax?

Yes, but you’ll want to make sure that nothing you add into the Pot would create a toxic reaction when heated. You could try fragrance oils or even concoct your blend of scented herbs, such as lavender.

How Long with my Melting Pot Last?

Most melting pots are built to the same standard as pots used for cooking. So long as you wash it thoroughly and store it in a place where it’s too crowded or wet, your Pot might stay with you for many years into the future.


Which candle melting pot did you like the most? It might be hard for some to pick, given that the pots look so much alike. But there are some major differences between the brands such as size, handling, and material in which the pots are produced.

Each has its unique advantages, some of which could be more beneficial to your preferences and plans for candle making. But when you find your favorite, you’ll be happier to melt your candle with it over a regular cooking pot!

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