How to Ship Candles (Some Tips)

  • By: Carole Brooks
  • Date: 16.05.2023
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How to Ship Candles

If you are looking for a way to make money online or trying different methods without success, think about selling candles. One of the best parts about candle sales is that they can be shipped anywhere in the world! If you want to learn how to send candles successfully, this article will cover all your questions and provide helpful tips.

You can find out how much it costs, what size box is necessary and what other materials you may need. Plus, we’ll answer common questions like “Do I need an import license?” and “What if my package gets lost?” Read on for everything you ever wanted to know about shipping candles!

Cushion Your Candles

Wrapping your candles properly is an integral part of shipping them. Properly covering your candles will ensure that they are not damaged or broken in transit. How do you package candles for shipping?

Wrap each candle individually in packing paper and wrap it again in bubble wrap. An excellent way to ensure that a candle arrives without damage is by covering it with some protective material like bubble wrap!

The person who will receive your gift would rather spend just a few minutes unwrapping their present than opening up an envelope and seeing broken, chipped candles waiting for them.

It all comes down to personal preference and aesthetics. Your shipping arrangements should be more complicated if you’re marketing a high-end product.

Choose Durable Boxes

No matter how small or large your product, it is essential to use the correct box for shipping. This holds, especially for candles. A corrugated, heavy-duty box is best for glass-encased candles.

The USPS recommends placing at least 2 inches of cushioning between your item and the box’s walls. This means you should have enough room to wrap bubble wrap or tissue paper around the products. Use a bubble mailer to protect small candles, such as votives and loose tapers.

No matter the type of packaging, ensure you use reliable shipping supplies. This includes “Fragile” labels, and consider writing “Do Not Stack” on boxes.

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Guard Against Melting

This is an essential part of selling candles online. It is important to consider where and when you will ship your candles. Can candles melt in the mail?

In the mail, candles will melt. Soy wax melts at temperatures as low as 120°F, and a vehicle can reach 120°F in 90 minutes during the summer. This can lead to the candle losing its shape or causing it to warp.

Some candles are prone to melt during shipment, but you can take steps. Place frozen gel packs inside your boxes or buy insulated mailers. Use these as protective layers around the outside of your candle package for an extra layer of protection from heat sources like radiators.

Suppose it is a soy-based candle that melts ships quickly on Monday morning instead of Friday night, so they will spend less time at high temperatures when stored over weekend days with no heating system running. In that case, this includes storage facilities which may be hot all week long!

Using Custom-Branded Packaging

Did you know that image is everything? This applies to eCommerce businesses as well. You can save money by using free USPS envelopes and boxes for your shipments. We recommend that you think about the value of branding. You can create an unforgettable experience for your recipient by using custom packaging.

Presentation is key to any business. You don’t need to pack candles in plain boxes when you can add a personal touch. To give your customers a personalized experience, wrap the candles in tissue paper or ribbon.

Save Money Shipping Candles

There are many options available for shipping candles. You can compare rates and see the various programs offered by USPS to find the best deal. Which is the best way to send candles?

Ship Candles with USPS

USPS can send lightweight, small items such as candles at a low cost. Priority Mail Cubic is an option if you choose to use USPS. Priority Mail Cubic rates are determined by the size of your box, not weight. Keep in mind that your package must not exceed 20 pounds.

For heavy candle shipments, the USPS Flat Rate is an alternative. Flat Rate shipping is a cost-effective way to send heavy items over long distances, and it costs only one flat fee for packages of 70 pounds and less.

USPS also offers other shipping services like:

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  • Priority Mail Express (Next day to 2-day delivery guaranteed).
  • Priority Mail (1-3 Business Days)
  • First-Class Package Service (1-3 business days)

FedEx Shipping Candles

FedEx offers express shipping so that your candles arrive at their destination without any damage. This ensures that your candle shipment is not left unattended for too long, causing them to melt.

FedEx Flat Rate shipping is also available. You can choose FedEx Flat Rate shipping if your package weighs less than 50 pounds. FedEx lets you choose from one of 12 flat rate boxes so that you have peace of mind knowing your candles will fit into its container.

Here are some of FedEx’s other shipping services.

  • FedEx Priority Overnight Delivery (Next-Business-Day Delivery)
  • FedEx 2Day (2 business days)
  • FedEx Express Saver (3 Business Days)

UPS Shipping

UPS offers several reliable and cost-effective shipping options for candles. UPS offers express shipping services similar to those provided by couriers, and this ensures that your candles arrive safely at their destination and are not damaged.

Want flat rate shipping? You don’t have to pay flat shipping charges. UPS Simple Rate allows you to use your packaging to ship anywhere within the US at a flat rate. UPS Simple Rate is also applicable to packages up to 50 lbs in size and shape

Here are some of the other shipping services UPS offers.

  • UPS Ground Shipping (Delivery within 1-5 Business Days)
  • UPS Next Day Air Shipping (Guaranteed next-day delivery)
  • UPS 2nd-Day Air Guarantee (Guaranteed Second Day Air)

Compare the shipping rates by weight to find the best shipping rates for candles. You can simplify the rate comparison process with our free shipping rate calculator. You can also search all rates for each courier site individually.

Shipping insurance

Shipping insurance protects shippers from lost, stolen or damaged packages. An estimated 5-15% of shipments suffer these common delivery issues. Even though significant shipping companies are usually reliable, there is still the possibility that your package could be lost or damaged.

You can purchase shipping insurance from your courier or Easyship. Easyship, unlike couriers, uses third-party shipping insurance, which pays more claims than USPS, UPS, FedEx.


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