How to Wrap Candles for Gifts (5 Steps)

  • By: Carole Brooks
  • Date: 16.05.2023
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How to Wrap Candles for Gifts?

When it comes to packaging candles for gifts, there are several creative options. Continue reading because I’ve included a simple guide to follow when packaging candles. Furthermore, this post will provide you with fantastic candle-wrapping ideas.

When wrapping candles, you don’t need much because you may improvise with something as basic as a tissue. Tissue papers perform much better than wrapping papers, and they give the present bag a charming finish. Tissue papers are also easier to deal with due to their low weight. Let’s get started on the operation, but first, make sure you have everything you’ll need: a candle, a gift bag, tissue, ribbons, thread, double-sided tape, and scissors.

Stages of wrapping candles

Step 1: Place the candle on a piece of tissue paper to protect it

If the candle falls, the tissue protects it from damage. Put the candle on the tissue paper first. In this situation, you may use two pieces of tissue paper, so wrap it between them. Cut the tissue paper to size if it’s a large piece.

Step 2: Wrap the Candle

Bring the tissue paper’s corners up to the top of the candle. Make sure the base is secure, and use tape to fix the bottom if you’re using two tissue papers.

Step 3: Make a beautiful design of your choice at the top

I like to make a pocket-like shape at the top in this situation. You may also opt to cut slits in it or leave it as is since it will still look nice. I generally compress the pockets from here, guiding them to the center.

Step 4: Use a ribbon of your choice

In my case, I like to tie the top of the candle with flower-themed ribbons. You may also make your own, perhaps by curling it up with a straight object.

Step 5: Set the candle in a box or gift bag, and decorate as desired

You may now put the candle in the gift bag because it is nicely wrapped. On top of the pack, tissue sheets make excellent decorations. You may customize it to your liking, then stack many of them on top of the bag. I prefer to include a gift card in the box since it adds to the overall appeal of the gift.

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Awesome Ideas on How to Wrap Candles

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Using a plastic paper bag

A transparent plastic bag will wrap the candle in this case, and the bag is pretty firm. Place the candle inside the bag, which is only open on one edge. Squeeze the bag to the center, then tie a ribbon around the center. You may use a more vibrant ribbon and perhaps spice things up by matching it to the candle’s color.

The edges of the paper, on the other hand, are already elegant, so leave them alone. Add a note around the edge of the present with a lovely message for the recipient to make it more attractive. This wrapping gift idea is my favorite since it is so simple. Also, you won’t need as many things to make it, and it will take less time to put together.

plastic paper bag

Tissue paper and a cellophane bag will be used to wrap the candle.

Instead of simple white tissue paper, use more attractive tissue paper in this situation. Place the candle on the tissue paper and raise the sides of the candle. Place the candle in the cellophane bag and squeeze the tissue and bag together to the center. Make some bag-like decorations on the edges and finish by tying the center with a lovely ribbon and placing an ornament of your choosing on the side of the cellophane bag.

I enjoy this approach because if you follow the steps carefully, you’ll end up with a gorgeous wrapping present. When it comes to gifting, it’s such a simple but effective technique.

Using a dust jacket

A dust jacket is what people use to cover books, and it’s also known as a book jacket. A dust jacket can also be used to wrap candles. Begin by trimming the dust jacket to fit. After that, wrap it around the candle and tape it in place.

For the extra wrapping at the top cut petals, fold the base of the paper flat and attach it with tape as well. Make the petals flat and then fold them in half one by one. While you’re doing this, make sure they’re secure, and once the last petal is in place, tape them all down.

Finish by tying a ribbon around the top. You may also get creative and top it with fresh berries or other fruit. Then, for a burst of color, add a tag.

This is one of my favorite methods, especially when I put the berries on top, and it’s both inventive and straightforward.

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Placing the candle in mason jars

candle in mason jars

This approach for packing candles for presents is straightforward yet highly effective. Only a mason jar is required. Then, all around it, add some charming decorations. The pot in this example has some threads going around it.

To make it more distinctive, add a bit of white lace to the middle of the thread. You may either buy the jar with the decorations already on it or buy the pot and decorate it yourself.

This present wrapping concept is quite simple, and one of the things I enjoy about it is how different it is. Furthermore, you may make the decorations on your own.

Glass jar with fabric on its lower part and green flowers decoration

Glass jar with fabric

A big glass jar will be required for this candle wrapping concept. There is cloth with stitchings that you place on the outside and the bottom. Both margins of the stitches have a beautiful finish. Then there’s a ribbon that matches the color of the stitches’ line.

Nature-inspired décor adorns the interior. They’re green with a few white spots on them. The candle is then placed inside.

This wrapping approach appeals to me because of its simplicity and the jar may be used as a candle holder and a piece of home décor.

Using wrapping paper, a square box, and a red satin ribbon

square box

You use this type of wrapping if you want your present to appear more sophisticated. It requires a square box or a square piece of stiff paper if you don’t have one. You may wrap the package with attractively designed wrap paper on the outside. To bring out the theme of the day, you can choose any wrapping paper you like or one that suits the occasion, such as Christmas or a birthday.

To finish, tie a red satin ribbon around the box, making sure it runs through both sides. Make a one-of-a-kind top wrap if you want the receiver curious about what’s inside. Everything about this candle-wrapping idea appeals to me, and it’s something one can handle alone and in minutes. The end effect is unquestionably adorable.

Using a cardstock

The card stock is trimmed to a small size to fit the candle in this manner. After that, one wraps it and binds the ends. It would be beneficial if you additionally secured the wrap’s bottom. Leave the top section open and make small-inch bends all around, making sure to keep them intact with your hand.

Add a sticky note at the end, then pour some colored wax press on the upper side to make a distinctive shape. Now all you have to do is place the candle in a gift bag, and you’re ready to go! This method is simple, painless, and inexpensive. It’s particularly appealing to me since it emphasizes meticulous wrapping and is highly engaging.

Final Thought

Candle wrapping is a technique that may be accomplished with even the most basic materials. Typically, you can make a great wrap at home without traveling to the store. The process is also quite exciting and enjoyable to perform.

The candle wrapping methods listed above will assist you in creating a pleasing candle wrap forgiving. The techniques shown here are simple and practical ways to wrap a candle, and the procedures also ensure that your candle looks lovely and that your present recipient will appreciate it.

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