5 Best Candle Jars of 2024

  • By: Carole Brooks
  • Date: 09.03.2024
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In the world of candle-making, the vessel plays a crucial role in creating a captivating ambiance and elevating the overall experience. As we venture into 2024, the demand for exquisite candle jars has reached new heights, with artisans and enthusiasts alike seeking the perfect combination of form and function.

In this comprehensive review, we’ve curated the top 5 candle jars of 2024, each selected for its exceptional quality, aesthetic appeal, and ability to enhance the overall candle-burning experience. From heat-resistant borosilicate glass to elegant ceramic options, these jars promise to elevate your candle-making endeavors, transforming every flicker into a captivating display of artistry and ambiance.

Best Candle Jars on the Market

1. Beautiful Empty Candle Jars (Bulk)

Best Choice
Syntic Glass Jars With Cork Lids
Syntic Glass Jars With Cork Lids
Mason jars ideal for candle making
- These universal jars are made from high-quality, food-grade glass that is BPA-free and non-toxic.
- Includes: 40 PE lids + 40 cork lids + 40 paper tag + 1 twine(131 ft)+ 40 pcs.
- Size: 7 oz.
- Height: 2.8 inch
- Mouth Diameter: 1.93 inch
- Quantity: 40 pcs
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These 7-ounce glass jars are perfect for making small candles. Candles of this size are perfect for gifting. The wide mouth makes these jars easy to fill. Because jars like this are normally used for canning, they should stand up nicely to being filled with melted wax so long as they aren’t very cold when you try to pour your candles.

The Syntic jars come in a box with padding, so you shouldn’t lose too many breakages during shipping. While the glass is thin for canning use, it should work just fine for candle making. Just be sure you heat the glass before you pour it to help avoid cracking or other damage.

The large amount you receive helps make this an excellent option for anyone looking to make candles for gifts. This is a great option if your candles are meant to be wedding favors. This is also good as a budget option for anyone who plans on selling their candles. Small candles like this can be sold cheaply, allowing customers to try out scents they may want in a larger size.


  • Tiny, perfect for gifts or samples
  • Comes with lid
  • Clear glass can show off cool colors or add-ins


  • Caps can be cheap and might not fit right
  • The glass is a bit thin

2. Mason Jar for Candle Making

Also Great
North Mountain Supply
North Mountain Supply
Jars with black metal lids
- Ideal for countless DIY pojects.
- Straight-sided jars.
- Size: 8 oz.
- Height: 3.5 inch
- Mouth Diameter: 2.9 inch
- Quantity: 24 pcs
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These jars come in a pack with a dozen and have nice smooth sides that fit any label under 3.5 inches high. If you intend to sell your candles, this is a nice size and will fit most labels you can use. The clear glass gives plenty of space if you like adding flowers to your candles.

The packaging keeps the jars safe in transit. If you suffer a broken pot, the company is beneficial and should replace it without a hassle. You have a few options for the lids. Both metals look nice, but the black plastic can show scratches since it is shiny. The metal lids are regularly out of stock, so you may need to alert them when they are in stock again.

Many businesses that make candles use these jars successfully for their candles. The straight sides also make it easier for customers to clean and reuse them, making them more environmentally friendly. The one issue is that they do not hold 9 ounces of wax by weight, so you may need to scramble and prepare more jars than you thought you needed.

Be sure to check the capacity ahead of time to avoid wasting wax. Otherwise, these are great jars and come highly recommended. Just watch out for consistency issues; some have noted that they received slightly greener glass between orders. If you sell, this can be a problem since you want a consistent product and must retake pictures.

Official website of the company: www.northmountainsupply.com


  • Good quality glass is thick
  • Metal lids available
  • Good capacity


  • Plastic lids might arrive scratched
  • Only 9 ounces if you fill to the top
  • The company has been a bit inconsistent lately

3. Small Candle Jars With Regular Lids (Wholesale)

Best Value
Versatile Glass Jar
Versatile Glass Jar
Classic Design
- Silver lids are Lab Certified Corrosion-Resistant material.
- ColoR: Transparent/Glassy.
- Size: 8 oz.
- Height: 3.2 inch
- Mouth Diameter: 3 inch
- Quantity: 30 pcs
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The size is decent and slightly squared off with a neck. You may prefer this look over straight sides. It makes it look more like the typical mason jar that most people are familiar with.

The jars include enough chalkboard labels for all the jars. While this isn’t perfect for selling, it works well for gifting and personal use. The brands will work well if your candles are only for yourself, your friends, and your family. You can easily label scents or write down the recipient’s name.

There are some issues with how thin the glass is. There have been reports of cracking with temperature changes, and this could mean a big mess if it breaks while you are filling them. The lids are also hard to thread, so they don’t seal well. While this isn’t as big of an issue if you use these for candles, it could still be a hassle while preparing them for shipping.

While they are cheap, you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t recommend these for candlemaking. They might work if you heat them, but you should be cautious and watch for any signs of breaking or cracking both before and after pouring.


  • Comes with labels
  • Decent size
  • Very cheap


  • Poor quality
  • Can break easily

4. Large Glass Candle Jars

Big Size
Embossed Glass Candle Container
Embossed Glass Candle Container
With Tin Lid and Labels
- Unique glass jar with embossed design for candle making.
- Size: 17.3 oz (520 ml).
- Height: 4.7 inch
- Mouth Diameter: 2.6 mm
- Quantity: 6 pcs
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Unique glass jar embossed for candle-making, either for personal use or business. You get 6 in a pack, and they have a capacity of 17 ounces. If you want to make larger candles, these are a great option. The large size means you can easily add things like dried flowers and visible through the clear glass.

The thick glass should help withstand filling with hot wax. Be sure to warm them up before filling so you don’t risk cracking from a sudden temperature change. The wide mouth also makes them easier to load and light. Thanks to the size, your customer will likely need a long lighter or match. Once it burns down, a standard lighter wouldn’t be able to light it anymore.

The biggest issue is how they are packaged. The padding is pretty low, which means that they can be broken with rough handling. If your boxes arrive beaten up frequently, be careful with these. Thankfully, returns are easy.

We recommend them for candles since they should work nicely and handle being filled with wax.

Be sure to inspect for any damage before you fill them. Some people who bought these noted broken bottoms that could leak or break if you tried to fill these with hot wax.


  • Thick glass
  • Decent quality for the price
  • It comes in a large amount


  • The packaging isn’t great
  • Sometimes the lids don’t seal well

5. Amber Candle Jars | Colored Glass

‎Antimbee: Round Glass Jars
‎Antimbee: Round Glass Jars
Quality thick glass, strong, heat resistance.
- Includes: 12 metal black matte finish lids + 12 plastic caps + 12 white lables.
- 2 Kinds of Airtight Lids.
- Size: 8 oz. (237 ml)
- Height: 3.5 inch
- Mouth Diameter: 2.9 mm
- Quantity: 12 pcs
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These jars are the only option on this list that isn’t clear. Amber glass like this helps protect the contents from light, and light can make scented products go off, so this might be helpful. The dark amber also gives these a different feeling than clear glass.

If you prefer a darker color, these are excellent options. The size is a nice standard for candles. If you make scented candles, these are a great option. The dark glass will help protect them from degradation thanks to light.

The pack size is only 12, making it one of the most expensive options per jar. The jars are lighter in color than the current product image, which can be a problem if you need consistent jars to fill orders. The lids are also plastic; if you prefer metal lids, this can be a problem.

Make sure to add a sticker so customers know not to use the lid to try to snuff the candle. The packaging also isn’t the best, so you may end up with a broken jar. If you are selling, keep all this in mind. This might make these less appealing than others on the list. If you are making candles as gifts or for yourself, the smaller pack size can be a feature rather than a bug.


  • Amber glass to protect from light
  • Thick and work well for candles


  • Plastic lids aren’t fireproof
  • Inadequate packaging means you may lose a jar to breakage in shipping

Buyer’s Guide

Best Candle Jars
In this section, we’ll go over what you should look for in jars for candle making and common questions. When buying jars for candles, you need to consider a few traits.

What to Look For

  • The first is if your jar can withstand heat. The pot will boil both during filling and burning, and the glass should be thick to withstand the heat without cracking or breaking. A jar breaking can be dangerous since you will have both hot waxes and broken glass that may be hot to deal with.
  • The next consideration should be the size. You need to know the size of your jars and how much wax you need to melt. Your customers will also want to know things like the pot’s size and diameter when purchasing.
  • Another trait is how wide the mouth of the jar is. A wide-mouth jar will make it easier to pour your candles. If your pot is too narrow, filling them won’t be easy. It will also be more difficult for your customer to light the candle.

This is particularly true if they are lighting the candle again. Making sure the mouth is large enough to fit a lighter or match without burning your fingers is essential for larger candles.

  • The lid is another consideration. Caps are great for keeping candles clean during shipping and display and can also keep scents from fading during storage. A fireproof cover can sometimes be used to help snuff out the candle. If the lid isn’t fireproof, you will need to note this so the candle owner won’t try to snuff it out and cause a fire or other damage.

If you sell your candles, some materials like plastic might easily show damage. This can be a hassle since you might not want to sell it and end with an unhappy customer.

  • The sides of the candle should also be smooth, making it easier to place a label. Labels are essential if you are selling candles. You want your customers to know the scent, material, and your name so they can buy more. The bottom of the jar also needs to fit a safety label with burn instructions, and this is required for selling and gifting.
  • If you are selling, the package size is also essential. You will want plenty of jars to use. Be sure to look at the amount you get compared to the prices. When you price your candles, you will need to charge for the materials used, including the glass jar. You will want to get the lowest cost jar to get more profit.
  • This package size is also essential if you make lots of candles as gifts or favors. If you have a lot of guests, you need to know how many jars to make enough. Be sure to order more if you are under a time crunch. This is because you may lose some breakage during shipping and don’t want to wait for them to ship a replacement.
  • The color of the glass is the last consideration. Amber glass can help protect candles from damage thanks to UV rays. However, anything you place into the wax wouldn’t be visible. If your candles are colored or have anything embedded, you will want clear glass.

Clear glass will show errors in pouring more quickly, so keep that in mind. You can also find other colors, and glass comes in many colors. Just make sure your chosen jar will still withstand the heat and be safe to use for candles.


When making candles, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The first is the size of your jar. Make sure you fill with water to your desired fill level to know how much wax each jar will take. Some measurements of the pots in a product listing are taken from the maximum fill level. Use this to decide how much wax you will need. Since it isn’t a great idea to melt wax again, you need to be sure you aren’t wasting wax.
  • Next, make sure your glass jars are warmed. You can place them in hot water to warm them before pouring your candles. You can also use a hairdryer to heat your pot. Just make sure the inside of your jar doesn’t get wet. This might not be essential if you use a jar meant for canning.
  • Be sure to secure your wick to the bottom of the jar before you pour your wax. You can use wick adhesive or hot glue if your wicks don’t have any bond on them already. Be sure you have some way of holding your wick upright so you don’t end up with your wick slanted or not centered. A wick that isn’t centered won’t burn well, and you will end up with wasted wax.
  • Your wick should also be longer than your jar when you pour it. You can trim any excess length after the candle has cooled completely. Don’t try while the wax is still hot, or your wick may end up not being upright or may end up covered in wax and unusable.
  • Using a wax that melts at a lower temperature can work well for glass jars, and this is because they aren’t at risk of breaking from temperature spikes as much. Soy wax is always a good tip.
  • Make sure to leave your candles to set for at least 24 hours before burning them. This way, you have a more consistent burn.


What type of jar is best for candles?

Glass is a great material for candle containers because it is non-porous and flammable. The more glass you have, the less likely it will crack.

Can any glass jar be used for candles?

Any vessel that can withstand heat can be used: egg cups and jelly jars to name a few. However, we’ll be focusing exclusively on mason jars as a classic.

Can you use any type of glass for candles?

You can make candles almost in any glass container. Here are some options: Baby food containers. Glass jars for pickles, spaghetti sauce, and other food items.

What are the different types of candle jars?

Top 5:

  • Clear Glass Square Candle Jars.
  • Clear Glass Round Candle Jars.
  • Clear Glass Candle Jar with Glass Pressed Lids.
  • Frosted Glass Round Candle Jars.
  • Footed Candle Tins w/ Rolled Edge Covers.

Are candle jars heat-resistant?

They’re often more heat-resistant than clear glass. Consider the container’s shape. If the container has a large mouth and is narrow at its bottom, it will get hotter as it burns. It may crack.

Is it safe to use candles in coffee cups?

You can make almost any ceramic coffee cup into a mug candle. However, enamel mugs are perfect for this purpose. Consider what an enamel mug looks like – stainless steel coated in enamel, fired together at 1,560 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you have plenty of options when looking for candle jars. Glass jars are great to make candles in, and they look nice. If you like the look of glass, there are plenty of options. Be sure to pick a thick jar and know how large it is.

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