The Best Candle Tins For Candle Making of 2024

  • By: Carole Brooks
  • Date: 09.03.2024
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In the ever-evolving landscape of candle-making, the humble tin container has emerged as a versatile and practical choice for artisans and enthusiasts alike. As we venture into 2024, the demand for high-quality candle tins has soared, driven by a desire for portability, durability, and a touch of nostalgic charm.

The best candle tins of 2024 offer a delightful blend of functionality and aesthetics, allowing candlemakers to craft beautiful and long-lasting creations that can be easily transported and enjoyed in any setting. From sleek and modern designs to vintage-inspired shapes, these tins cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that every creation stands out as a unique work of art.

In this comprehensive review, we’ve curated a collection of the finest candle tins for candle making, meticulously evaluating each option based on factors such as material quality, ease of use, and the ability to showcase the true artistry of handcrafted candles. Get ready to discover the perfect vessels for your candlemaking adventures, as we unveil the top contenders that will not only elevate your craft but also delight the senses with their timeless appeal.

Best Candle Tins on the Market

Many colors exist, and most hold in the fragrances of scented candles for a very long time. Below are five of the best candle tins sold online, chosen for durability, style, and wax capacity. Even if you want something nice to hold small items, these tins make great gift ideas for seasonal decorations. Look at the products and see which one suits your taste the most!

1. EricX Light – Best Metal Candle Tins (Editor’s Choice)

Best Choice
 EricX Light Candle Tin
EricX Light Candle Tin
Containers are resistant to rusting and heat
- Perfect for DIY candle making and other small items storage.
- Сomplete with 24 candle moulds.
- Dimensions : 3.2 inch (Diameter) x 2.2 inch (Height)
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The EricX Light Candle Tins are silver-colored tin cans sold as a set of 24. There is no color variety for you to pick from, but the product makes up for this in other ways.

  • Each can is individually wrapped and built to accommodate any wrapping or stickers on their exteriors.
  • Another nice feature is the inside. Smooth and easy to clean, you won’t spend too much time getting the waxy gunk out of your spent candles.
  • Adding new wax is a breeze. Just place your wick holder on top, the wick in the center, and that’s it. Things will brace to the ground well enough for you to pour without making a mess.
  • If you drop one of the tins of the ground from a low distance, things should stay intact, with no denting. This is especially the case if the wax is already inside the can. Wax seems to add a firmness that reinforces the exterior.
  • Rust will never develop on the outside or inside of each tin. Still, if you can, it might be a good idea to keep them away from moisture for long periods.
  • Use something to hold the can when lit if you’re sensitive to heat; the cans are built with little heat resistance. Other than this, there are no significant caveats to report.

The EricX has everything you’ll need to make candles efficiently and quickly. Try them out for yourself, and you’ll be happy with your choice.


  • It doesn’t dent easily, even when dropped from a short distance
  • The matte finish that it’s coated with lowers the likelihood of corrosion
  • The finish doesn’t prevent stickers and labels from bonding


  • Not heat-resistant

2. The Candle Tins With Lids

Also Great
Double Gift Candle Tins
Double Gift Candle Tins
Metal Containers with Lids for Making Candles
- Seamless tinplate jars resist heat and corrosion.
- Сomplete with 24 candle tins.
- 3 inches Diameter x 2 inches Height.
- Size: 4.4oz
- Color: Flower
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The Double gift Candle Containers are slightly different from the previously reviewed product.

  • Each of the individual cans is decorated in two pairs, with 24 total tin cans. The designs have different colors and patterns but appear the same, at least to a certain extent. You can decorate your room with them, and they’ll blend in well, regardless of your furniture.
  • They hold about four ounces of wax and are easy to clean. You probably won’t even need soap and water to remove excess wax; a clean cloth should suffice.
  • The inside is smooth, having no ridges and bumps.
  • All tin cans are resistant to corrosion on the outside and inside, thanks partly to the exterior coat.
  • Do use caution when picking them up, however. There’s a good chance the can will dent if you drop one on a hard surface.

The cans themselves are pretty strong, but they are susceptible to damage like most tin-made things. But for most, this will be a non-issue.

Consider the Double Gift Candle Containers if you don’t like the bland appearance of ordinary tin candle tins.


  • Patterns are paired with two containers, allowing for better decoration
  • All containers are resistant to rusting and heat
  • Cleans easily, no matter what is put on the inside


  • Easy to bend if handled poorly

3. Metal Candle Tins Wholesale

Best Value
Aroparc Containers - 24 Piece
Aroparc Containers - 24 Piece
Great for travel size & camping candles
- Classic candle tins for candlemaker.
- Diameter: 2.56 inches
- Height : 1.83 inches
- Volume: 5 oz = 150 ml
- Color: Black
- Material: Silver
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The Aroparc Candle Containers are sold in different colors but have no patterns. What is available are gold, silver, and black designs.

At first glance, you might think that they can resemble those used for shaving cream soap or hair gel. While you could use the can for these purposes, they’re best for holding candles.

  • When unboxed, you’ll notice that each can is smooth in texture, with a bronze-colored interior.
  • Getting scratches on the outside isn’t easy, thanks to the thick finish on the cans.
  • They’re resistant to heat, and you won’t have the problem of burning your hands when you pick them up.

Remember that while each piece can hold a maximum of five ounces, you’ll manage to pour about four ounces inside. This is due to the fill line measured above the bump where the lid’s lining touches the button portion.

As a result, you’ll encounter issues when trying to close the lid, which would be filled close to the brim in this situation. Yet, in the end, the Aroparc are solid candle tins for any purpose you can think of, no matter what you wish to put in them.


  • Three different color options are available
  • It won’t produce scratches easily
  • It stays cool when the flame and wax is close to the bottom


  • Although advertised to hold 5 ounces of wax, it can realistically contain about 4 ounces.

4. Small Candle Tins Bulk

Moretoes 36pcs 4oz Metal Round Tins
Moretoes 36pcs 4oz Metal Round Tins
Aluminum tins with screw lids
- Made of high-quality aluminum, lightweight, beautiful, durable and easy to carry.
- Diameter: 2.9 inches
- Height : 1.4 inches
- Volume: 4 oz = 120 ml
- Color: Silver
- No sharp edges
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From a distance, the Moretoes designs have a straightforward look.

With the tightly sealed spiral twist cap structure, the tin can effectively avoid leakage, and the container can have no sharp edges.

They almost glow when used with a candle, especially the lighter-colored patterns.

You can get about 4 ounces into each can. This isn’t as much as some other containers shown, but it also makes them easy to pick up and manage with a lit flame.

It is made of high-quality aluminum, lightweight, beautiful, durable, and easy to carry.

Please take a look; these 4oz round aluminum tins are the perfect tools; whether it is to keep DIY ointments or candles, candies, or coins, these tins have no problem at all.


  • Holds the smell from scented candles well, even without the lid on
  • It comes with cotton candle wicks
  • Varied designs that blend well with multiple styles of decoration


  • Dents may appear

5. 8 oz Candle Tins

Hearts & Crafts Wine Tins with Lids
Hearts & Crafts Wine Tins with Lids
For Making Candles, Arts & Crafts, Storage, Gifts, and More
- The tins are in a stylish wine color with a matte finish.
- Diameter: 3.5 inches
- Height : 2.25 inches
- Volume: 8 oz
- Color: Wine
- Material: Metal
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Last on the list is the Hearts and Crafts Candle Tin Cans. The color is the same as red wine and is decorated with a shiny finish.

It’s pretty thick and keeps the tin from being exposed, at least on the outside. Each piece has a lid and closes firmly when you’re not using it.

The cans have a capacity of about eight ounces, and holding them when the flame is lit won’t burn your hands.

The material consists of tin and steel, giving the can more weight than you might expect from a candle tin. The outside is smooth to the touch, however.

You can stick labels on and remain in place without sliding off.

These candle tins by Hearts&Crafts are best for people who want a decorative candle holder but a solid color. Although it would have been nice to see more variance in style (there is a green alternative to the wine-colored red), most features of the cans are positive.

The colors are slightly lighter than what’s pictured in the photo descriptions, but everything else is the same.


  • It has a thick matte finish that hides scratches.
  • The tin and steel material made keeps the risk of getting dents on the containers low.
  • Its seamless surfaces bond to most labels (3 inches)


  • The wine-colored containers are slightly lighter than what’s shown in the product’s description.

Buyer’s Guide

Read the information below for helpful tips for picking the best tins for your new candles.

How to Choose the Best Candle Tin Products

Many candle tins are shaped the same, though some can be different in material, pattern, and finish. Choosing might be a simple task for some and a more challenging one for others. It all depends on the style you want, its availability, and whether or not it’s made to last.

Find out how you plan on using the candle tins first. Will you be storing scented candles or keeping them for emergencies? Whether the former or the latter, there are many options for you to choose from.

Getting the Correct Size

Again, many candle tins look the same but have changes in size. It’s common to find them in four or five-ounce cans, though smaller and larger sizes are easy to come by—the standard averages four ounces.

Once you know the correct size you’ll need, finding the right quantity of candle wax is simple.

Heat Resistance

Most candle tins are resistant to heat. However, some aren’t. It can be hard to tell by looking at photos in a product description. This is also a feature that isn’t marketed often, possibly from consumers assuming that most tins won’t retain heat.

You can look at what has been said about the tins that interest you before buying. The thickness of the container indicates how easy it will be for you to hold when the flame is lit. But for most tins, a matte finish is a sign that the product you’re looking at won’t burn your hands when holding it.

Keeping Your Tins Clean

Because candle wax has a smooth consistency when hardened, most candle tins are easy to clean. You can do this in many different ways, and the easiest is to take a warm damp cloth and wipe the inside until there’s nothing left.

For more stubborn wax buildup, pour hot water on the inside until it loosens, then removes the excess with a cloth. The exterior, it’s even more accessible.

However, remember never to use abrasive cleaning wipes, particularly if your tins are coated in a finish. Dry thoroughly when you’re done, and your containers will be as good as new again.

Candle Tins for Labels

There are a lot of consumers that rely on candle tins for their small businesses. If you need them to produce your handmade candles for sale, you’ll want to make sure that whatever you buy is easier for you to add labels on the outside.

Or maybe you need something easy for you to decorate with a bonding agent. Whichever you choose to create your candles, know the correct size and finish. 

Preventing Rust

Anything that’s made of steel or tin has the potential to corrode. Although stainless steel is more difficult to oxidize, stains that are a chore to clean can occur in a humid atmosphere. Knowing this, be sure to store your tins in a dry location with no moisture.

When washing, ensure that no water remains and that the tins are completely dry. However, take note that rust is unlikely to occur with your containers, even if you were to leave them in a location with high humidity. Many of the precautions are necessary to increase the tins’ life.

Gift Ideas

Candle tins make great gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. The patterns and designs (or your creativity) are seasonal, whereby you can find gift ideas for any holiday. If someone you know is into arts and crafts, they may enjoy creating their own by you simply providing them the tins and trinkets needed to decorate them.

Maybe you need additional holiday ornaments for your home; candle tins are a great way to set the mood and get the family involved in a fun, creative holiday project.

Best Candle Tins

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions frequently about shopping looking for candle tins.

How are Candles made with Empty Candle Tins?

First, wax is melted in a pot to a clear liquid, a wick holder is placed on top of the candle tin, with the wick inserted in the middle. The wick is cut to the desired length, and then the wax is added until the quantity reaches the fill line. That’s it! Wax dries fast, so the lid can be closed or left open after the last step.

Are our Candle Tins good for Emergencies?

Absolutely. Candle tins are sold in abundance, with average quantities per-product numbers over 20. For hurricanes, blizzards, and blackouts, they’re an essential item to have in your possession. And best of all, they require no electricity or batteries of any kind to use.

How Many Lines of Wick will I Need?

Some candle tins will include wick with the product, so check with the brand’s listing to see if they’re included. If you don’t see it, you’ll have to acquire wick individually. Wick is easy to find, but consider getting it when you buy candle tins. And don’t forget candle wax and matches to light them when they’re needed!

What are some alternative Uses for Candle Tins?

Candle tins aren’t exclusive to wax, and you can store all sorts of things inside them. Since most brands come with lids, feel free to add candy, nuts, or even miscellaneous items into your extra tins. They’re also suitable for shaving soaps, homemade hair mixtures, and sewing supplies.


When you’ve found suitable candle tins, be sure that you know the size of the product and whether the design is ideal for your tastes (or the tastes of the person you’re gifting them to). Getting a good set is not much effort, so long as you’re familiar with the other items needed to create your candles.

As detailed in the Buyer’s Guide, how you wish to use the tins can reveal which of the five brands reviewed is better for you. It’s a given that your candles will come out great for any product you anticipate completing with them!

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