How to Make Bendy Candles at Home

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How to Make Bendy Candles at Home

Bendy candles are a creative and fun way to add some light to your home. They are also a great product for those looking for an easy DIY project or small business opportunity. There are many questions about how bendy candles work, how they’re made, and how you can get the best deal on them. In this article, we answer these questions so that you have all the information necessary before purchasing one of these amazing products!

What are bendy candles?

Bendy candles are, as the name suggests, a candle that can be bent and shaped into different shapes. Unlike traditional wax or pillar candles, bendy memories do not have to be burned at an upright position in order for them to work. They can also be made using any type of wax including soy-based for eco-friendly purposes!

How do I make them?

Step one: pick the right candles

The type of bendy candle you use will typically depend on the function it’s meant for. For example, if you’re looking to create a centerpiece or decorative piece for your dining room table then white wax is probably best as it can be painted with any color using water-based paint.

If this doesn’t interest you, how about making some candles that are perfect for an event such as a wedding? You could use pastels and insert creative motifs like hearts or flowers!

Step two: decide how many shapes you want to make

Next, let’s talk about how much wax you need for each shape- this can depend on how big or small the object is that you’re making but I found three lbs per candle was just fine (especially if using soy-based). This way I had extras leftover should I have needed them later

Step three: soften your candle

soften your candle
To make candles go into different shapes, you need to soak them in hot water. My beeswax candles took about 10 minutes in the water before they were ready to shape.

To soak, take a pan or pitcher to the sink and get the tap water as hot as you can handle. Fill it halfway and place candles in the container so they are submerged but not too deep. Continue letting a slow and steady flow of hot water flow while the candles soak.

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Step four: test

When you take your candles out of the water, they will be very pliable and perfect for shaping. Before working with them anymore though, it’s best to test how soft they are by placing a sheet of paper under one end and slowly pushing down on the other until it bends in half. If it is not bendy enough then return to step two!

Step five: twist your candle

When the wax is soft, you can start to shape it into the desired shape. Keep the candle underwater while you do this to keep it warm.

To intertwine two or more candles, hold them together in your hands and twist your hands one way then the other. If the candles are really soft, you can make a tight twist.

To make a snake coil, wrap the candle around a pen or spoon. Thin tapers are easier to shape but might break more easily. Longer tapers are best for making different shapes.

If you break your candle while bending it, it means that the candle was not heated up enough. Put the candle in hot water for a few minutes then try to smooth out the cracks with your fingers.

Step six: flatten the bottom

If you want your candles to stand on their own, press them onto a flat surface while they are still warm.

You can flatten the bottom of a candle with this. Make sure you do it so that the candle will stand up on its own.

Step seven: allow the candle to set

After you’ve shaped the candle how you want it, let it sit for a while to allow any excess water or air bubbles to escape and your design will be more secure.

If you’re using beeswax then allow about an hour of setting time before decorating with paint.

Step eight: decorate your candles

Light the tealight candles so they can melt while you wait for your other candles to harden.

Once the candle wax melts, sprinkle it over the candles.


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The Best Materials for Making a Great Candle

Some of the best materials for making candles include wax, wicks, and artificial dyes.

Wax is one of the most important ingredients in a candle because it provides the fuel to create light. Beeswax or soy-based are great options as they have low melting points so anything you make will be easy to meltdown again if necessary!

The type of dye you use will depend on how natural your candle looks: this can range from food coloring (for those who want something pastel) to watercolor paint (if what’s desired is a more vibrant look). Wicks provide the support that ensures flames stay lit and how long these last depends on how often they’re used.

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FAQs about making your own bendy candles

Bendy candles are a simple and satisfying craft project. We have put together the best tips, tricks, and tutorials for making your own bendy candles in the house.! Note: All of these instructions should be used with caution – keep all materials away from open flames or burning incense as they can easily catch on fire if not careful.

How should I choose my wax?

Waxes can be purchased from craft stores or home improvement retailers and come in an array of scents, colors, shapes, and sizes. In general, we recommend using soy candles as they are biodegradable by design which is good for the environment!

They also burn longer than traditional paraffin-based brands so you’ll get more use out of them before needing to reorder – some manufacturers offer bulk discounts at this point if you’re looking to buy several boxes worth at once!

What’s the best way to store unused wax when waiting for other supplies?

Don’t throw away leftover wax because there are plenty of neat ways to reuse it later on. Put it in an old candle jar for later use, or melt the wax and pour it onto a plate to create sheets that can be cut up into shapes.

We recommend checking out the five best candle jar sets in this review.

What is the best type of wick?

The better types are made from cotton so they’ll produce more light without getting as hot.

Where should I sell my homemade products online?

If you’re looking to make a profit on your homemade products, there are many different platforms available for selling. For example, Etsy is an option that’s popular among crafters because they offer handmade goods exclusively and require sellers to provide their own photographs of the product (which can be uploaded instantly!).

If it doesn’t seem like Etsy would suit how you want to sell your items then consider making use of sites such as eBay or Amazon Marketplace which allow people to advertise whatever they have lying around!

It’s worth noting how these websites take a percentage commission but with each one offering something unique in terms of how they display content, this won’t matter too much when trying to find where best-suited for posting your listings.


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