How To Make Geometric Candles (5 Steps)

  • By: Carole Brooks
  • Date: 01.12.2022
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How To Make Geometric Candles?

Geometric candles, also known as aesthetics, are one of the moment’s trends. Do you want to learn how to make them at home easily and in a personalized way? Then do not miss this tutorial because we explain everything step by step. Remember that no previous experience with candles is necessary.

What ingredients do you need to make Geometric Candles?

To make aesthetic geometric candles, you need:

This Wax in flakes is ideal for making candles in silicone molds.

  • 80 grams of Stearic Acid for candles.

Bulk stearic acid, also known as candle stearin, is an additive mixed with wax to harden candles and make them last longer. Stearic acid for candle making is recommended to be added to wax during handcrafting to increase hardness, brightness, and opacity.

  • Olive grey liquid candle dye

Olive grey liquid colorant for candle making, available in various formats. The liquid colors for candles are convenient and practical since it is elementary to use: you only have to add a few drops to the melted wax to make it colored. As they are concentrated, they are very cost-effective. In addition, they disperse easily and do not leave lumps. You will obtain very elegant gray candles, perfect for decorating.

  • Almond and Milk Scented Essence

This scent opens with the sweet aromas of coconut milk and the sparkling touch of lemon to give way to a delicate body with notes of milk and almond blossom. In the background, powdery accords of vanilla, musk, and tonka bean are appreciated. With it, you can make homemade perfumes easily and quickly and serve to make air fresheners and cleaning products. It is very concentrated and versatile.

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  • Waxed wick 8-9 cm.
  • Waxed wick 4-5 cm.

The waxed wick is one of the most used to make candles and an essential material in its elaboration since it is the one in charge that the candle burns correctly. These are cotton wicks dipped in paraffin, ready to be placed in the candle. Choosing one thickness or another will depend on the diameter of the candle and other important factors, such as the melting point of the wax.

  • Sphere candle mold with vertical stripes

This mold allows you to make decorative custom candles with the colors of your choice and your favorite scent.

  • Elongated fluted mold

The mold of 4x14cm is ideal for making candles. It is made of silicone and stands out for being non-stick, flexible, and very resistant. This mold has an elongated shape and grooved surface. Making candles with it will be very easy. Just melt the wax, add the essence and colorant and stir. Thread the wick into the mold and fill it. Let dry, and your candle is ready to use. You will get unique creations to give as gifts or to decorate your home!

  • Vertically fluted candle mold

This is a silicone mold, non-stick, resistant and flexible, and very easy to use.

How are aesthetic candles made?

1. Weigh the 800 grams of wax and add the 80 grams of stearic acid for candles over low heat.

2. In the meantime, thread the wick into the molds. Insert it through the hole in the base and hold it at the top with a wick holder. Put the waxed wick 4-5 cm in the elongated fluted mold; 8-9 cm in the other two molds.

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3. When the wax is melted, add a few drops of liquid colorant and aromatic essence to taste. Stir for a few minutes until all the ingredients are integrated.

4. Fill the molds. Let the candles cool in a place without drafts and sudden temperature changes. If it gets cloudy, fill it with more hot wax.

5. Unmold when they are dry and ready to use!

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